Month: February 2012

Grew Up Fast

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I’m in love!

J.Cole released a new song via his twitter account today according to I am a big fan of Cole and this new material has got me excited for his next project. This joint captures an old soul vibe and Cole’s lyricism. For further details about the release of the song and to listen click here.




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Lyrically Kendrick Lamar does it for me, but I must say this joint goes out to a few people! S/O my girl for putting me on to this track!

H.O.C. by Kendrick Lamar


BCS Preview

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My boy Dep has designed his new clothing line and will be releasing it shortly. He has also designed a female line which I’m very excited about!!! So I have a preview for yall right here! Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me what you think!

Yours Truly,





Crewneck Block Red







Crewneck Cornerstone Star Grey







Crewneck Cornerstone Black







And while you’re at it check out his blog The Main Event.

A Musical Legend

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We used to put on little shows at our family gatherings, my cousins and I. We would dress up, put on lipstick, change our clothes and press play. Most of the time it would be to a classic Whitney Houston song. I am beyond saddened, to be honest I feel ill. We all know she had demons but at no point were we prepared for this moment. I feel for her family, friends and fans. The news of her passing is rippling throughout the world as we speak. At that I ask for is comfort to all and nothing but love. She was and will always be an ObnoxiousGirl in my eyes.

RIP Whitney Houston


I’ll leave you with a medley of her classics.

Hip Hop

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Yesterday was a crazy day for me so unfortunately I could not post. Yesterday was also the Birthday of the late J Dilla. It has been six years since his passing and according to allhiphop there will be a concert in Detroit on friday.  The BOLD and the Broken posted a song on her blog yesterday. Check it out!

RIP Dilla

PR Girl Turns To Fashion And Hip Hop

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Wow! Blogging??? Me?? Well it’s true..I am officially blogging! It is only natural that I add blogging to my list of stuff to do because keeping up with the times is necessary in my field. Public relations deals with so many aspects of communications, marketing, publicity, event management…the list goes on. BUT this page won’t deal with PR stuff, on the contrary it will deal with two topics dear to my heart. FASHION and HIP HOP. The preamble about public relations was just to satisfy a little requirement. I am more than ready to bring my thoughts about fashion and hip hop to this world!

Not only am I an Obnoxious Girl I am the co -founder of ObnoxiousDesigns a clothing line being released really soon. So what is an Obnoxious Girl? It’s a way of life. We celebrate you and your experiences. We celebrate the fact that we as women go through changes and phases. We celebrate your uniqueness and quirkiness. Obnoxious Girl encourages girls to be themselves and explore what that means.

I am a lover of underground music and “urbanism”, so to speak. I love the development process of music and brands so my blog will do just that, highlight the up and comings in Toronto.