The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge: Why the heck am I single?!

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So…I haven’t been on this blog in a while, just a bit over a year really. I’ve been caught up with my recent adventure and journey as a magazine editor at The COCO Magazine. The gig is great! It’s fulfilling, more than I could have imagined. Being your own boss, dictating your own schedule, being creative and  meeting new people all at once, definitely a dream job. That all works, but it does not leave room for dating, romance and some good ol’…well you know. Don’t judge me, I’m simply being honest. My beauty editor came across this link recently that made me really look at this single life differently. It’s called, The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge. Who told this lady something was going to come out of this opportunity? Who really cares if I’m single except for the kitty cat down below. Poor cat! I decided to read over what this crazy woman had in store for this 30 day old maid challenge. Some questions were plain and simple and some questions made me really think. So I took her up on the offer, it’s something as editor’s we’re doing together. It’s very much a personal journey but the support is appreciated. So we’ll be answering one question a day. I will be honest, I will be myself and I’ll make it through the next 30 days! Join me on this journey as I tell you why this hot babe is single! 😉 

1)      Your response to everyone’s favorite question: “And why are YOU still single?”

Why am I single? Because it’s the new thing. Didn’t you know? I am single because I never got the hang of dating. No excuses, just never really had the ability to go through the process. I was either in a relationship or trying to get over a relationship. My older cousins made sure boys never came around. They didn’t trust their intentions, so I was locked up in the house going from school to church to work. When I got into my twenties…it got worse. I mean the men, they got worse. Or was it the ones I was interested in? I hate this question. It usually follows up with, “well don’t you want a boyfriend?”…No shit Sherlock!!! Of course. I mean who wouldn’t want company, conversation, dinner and regular sex. Who wouldn’t want someone to depend on, someone to trust and confide in, pick you up when you’re down and someone to fall in love with?? Love is great, it really is. But I’m single because when a break up happens, it’s the worst feeling ever. Who wants to go through that? You have to force yourself to abandon your feelings. So, I’m single to avoid the hurt, the embarrassment and disappointment. Yes, I’m afraid. 


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