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5 Food Items To Help You Achieve Healthy Long Hair – Locs

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Great article in The COCO Magazine this week for my natauralistas! Check it out!

5 Food Items To Help You Achieve Healthy Long Hair – Locs.


Hair Vitamins – Do They Really Work?

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 In the last year we’ve seen celebrities endorse different hair products including hair vitamins. I know you’ve heard every side. Those who believe that hair vitamins are unhealthy and are a money making business, AND then those (mostly celebrities) who indicate they’ve had major results and improvements. 

I’m considering trying them, however my skin doesn’t agree with Biotin. I’m the few that break out from the vitamin within hours of taking it and MSM gives me headaches. Biotin and MSM are the key vitamin ingredients in hair vitamins. However, I’m still optimistic and I’m willing to try Hairinfinity

The COCO Magazine recently published an article about hair vitamins and all the things they DON’T tell you on the bottle. Check it out here and tell me your thoughts. Hair Vitamins – Do They Really Work?

Have you tried Hairinfinity? If so, what were your results? 

Jamaican model Collene Mills Lands Project Runway Gig!!!

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Congrats Pulse!


Collene Mills in Sol by Drena Luna swimsuit Collene Mills in Sol by Drena Luna swimsuit

Collene Mills, the leggy Pluse model from Jamaica scored with her gig at super fabulous reality fashion series Project Runway.

Mills will be featured in the 4th season of the All Stars edition of the Lifetime series, hosted by supermodeltrepreneur Heidi Klum and designer mentor and mediator Tim Gunn.

Mills who is 5’11” walked away with the runner up prize in the Pulse Caribbean Model Search in 2011- the same year Trinidad’s Anya Ayoung-Chee won Project Runway Season Nine.

Can you believe its been almost three years!?!???

The fourth edition of Project Runway All Stars will air this October. The show has several designers competing in challenges to make the best garment each week as they seek the top title and a chance to launch their own design label.

[Jamaica Gleaner]

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Vision Board

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Tyrese Gibson posted a video entitled Visionary a while ago and it resonated with me. He spoke of having visions that only a select few have the ability to see. He spoke of the genius of those visions and he spoke of success and achievements of those visions. He spoke of how rare it was to have visions (clear view of a goal from inspection to execution to success of the goal). He enlightened me.

Today I came up with the idea of creating a vision board. I’m not new to the vision board concept but I was used to mentally creating visions at night before I went to bed. I wanted these visions to penetrate my subconscious so it would become second nature. Recently, I’ve been unable to have a clear vision of my plans and goals so I decided to create a visual. It’s a combination of words, images and quotes that resonated with me. I pulled them magazine. I made sure that there we’re not superficial images and unattainable views. Prior to creating the board I wrote down a few words that I wanted to see show up on the board so I wouldn’t be strayed from my overall goal.

Underneath the board I’ll be writing down my short term and long term goals. I want to make sure I create a shift in my life – that I’m impacting myself in the most positive way.

I’m thoroughly excited to start a new journey! Join me!


DIY Hair Masks for Dry, Oily and Combination Hair

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I love DIY!

Beautifully Mane

DIY Hair Masks

Ever needed a hair mask BADLY, but didn’t feel like going to the store? Maybe you are low on cash? Try one of these super cool DIY’s and share your comments below.

Ever washed your hair with apple cider vinegar? I know, sounds weird right? Find out how here

Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.”

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