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Hairspiration! : Aboyowa

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The Kink And I

PhotoGrid_1419357594859 (1)Hiii my name is Aboyowa Wood! I’m 20 and I currently reside in Chicago IL. I was born and raised in Nigeria though I’m also partly Ghanaian, best of both worlds! I’m an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Illinois.

Have you always been natural?

I decided to start growing my natural hair in 2012. I was predominantly relaxed prior to that. I say predominantly because for 6 years in secondary school they made us cut our hair in its natural state but I really don’t count that as part of my natural hair experience because I always relaxed my hair once we were on holidays and I didn’t even know anything about taking care of my hair. Anyways, I’ve always loved afros or any style that looks like an afro, I guess that comes from my strong afrocentric side.

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My Natural Hair Journey – 3rd Year Anniversary Since BC

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Hello My Darlings,

Welcome to a very late post but wanted to fully inform you all of my hair progress. I cannot believe it has now been 3 years since my BC. 

This year has been one of the best for my hair because have learned many techniques and tips. One of my hair goals when I started was to achieve long hair, that is no longer a goal, my goal is healthy happy hair that has sheen, grows well and a hair regimen I can do with ease.

She is now 15 inches long, and this is with 1 full trim and dusting three times this year, had some ends that I did not want to get rid of but for the health of my tresses, off they went. She is very happy by the way, which is why I truly believe our hair is alive, she is pure attitude 😀 :D…

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February curlBOX Product Review

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TJ Luvs Being Natural

So…I had a ton of fun trying out the different products in the February curlBOX and playing with some new styles. Here’s a video review of each of the products. Let me know what you thought of some of these products if you have a subscription. Very excited to get my March curlBOX!

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