On Point! – Fashionable Footwear

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On Point! - Fashionable Footwear

Lucky brand flat
45 CAD –

Leopard print shoes
30 CAD –

Jigsaw slippers shoes
135 CAD –

Black ballet flat
38 CAD –

Miss Selfridge strap shoes
56 CAD –

MICHAEL Michael Kors michael kors flat
245 CAD –

Slippers shoes
33 CAD –


Vision Board

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Tyrese Gibson posted a video entitled Visionary a while ago and it resonated with me. He spoke of having visions that only a select few have the ability to see. He spoke of the genius of those visions and he spoke of success and achievements of those visions. He spoke of how rare it was to have visions (clear view of a goal from inspection to execution to success of the goal). He enlightened me.

Today I came up with the idea of creating a vision board. I’m not new to the vision board concept but I was used to mentally creating visions at night before I went to bed. I wanted these visions to penetrate my subconscious so it would become second nature. Recently, I’ve been unable to have a clear vision of my plans and goals so I decided to create a visual. It’s a combination of words, images and quotes that resonated with me. I pulled them magazine. I made sure that there we’re not superficial images and unattainable views. Prior to creating the board I wrote down a few words that I wanted to see show up on the board so I wouldn’t be strayed from my overall goal.

Underneath the board I’ll be writing down my short term and long term goals. I want to make sure I create a shift in my life – that I’m impacting myself in the most positive way.

I’m thoroughly excited to start a new journey! Join me!


fashion Editor

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The COCO magazine is looking for a qualified Fashion Editor to join their team! This will entail copy editing, managing and developing editorials and facilitating with writers. If this sounds like something you interested in, contact us


COCO Magazine Turns 1

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COCO Magazine Turns 1

52 weeks = 1 year….WOW I can’t believe it’s been a year already.

We’ve published 51 issues and tomorrow marks our 52 issue! A whole year of COCOMag. I’m proud, I’m elated…I can’t feel it right now, but I’m overwhelmed. Tomorrow we launch our new site. And I have to say, it’s beautiful. It’s exactly what our readers need after supporting us this past year. All I can say is, THANK YOU and that can’t even begin to explain my joy.

I’ve pushed my team and staff over the last month immensely and I say thank you for your patience as we push harder to bring something new and exciting to our readers. To my editors – I got nuttin’ but love for yall! I wanted this message to be introspective and packed with thought provoking feelings…but I’m tired lol and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone! All of our readers, supports, family and friends…thank you!

Give Thanks


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BCS Preview

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My boy Dep has designed his new clothing line and will be releasing it shortly. He has also designed a female line which I’m very excited about!!! So I have a preview for yall right here! Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me what you think!

Yours Truly,





Crewneck Block Red







Crewneck Cornerstone Star Grey







Crewneck Cornerstone Black







And while you’re at it check out his blog The Main Event.