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Fall’s Hair And Skincare

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Fall is right around the corner and that means cooler temperatures. Cooler temps have an effect on our skin and hair causing them to become dry. Add moisture using my body butter and hair moisturizer – all natural and vegan friendly. Check out my Etsy account and place your orders today! We ship internationally!

Hair Vitamins – Do They Really Work?

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 In the last year we’ve seen celebrities endorse different hair products including hair vitamins. I know you’ve heard every side. Those who believe that hair vitamins are unhealthy and are a money making business, AND then those (mostly celebrities) who indicate they’ve had major results and improvements. 

I’m considering trying them, however my skin doesn’t agree with Biotin. I’m the few that break out from the vitamin within hours of taking it and MSM gives me headaches. Biotin and MSM are the key vitamin ingredients in hair vitamins. However, I’m still optimistic and I’m willing to try Hairinfinity

The COCO Magazine recently published an article about hair vitamins and all the things they DON’T tell you on the bottle. Check it out here and tell me your thoughts. Hair Vitamins – Do They Really Work?

Have you tried Hairinfinity? If so, what were your results? 

Castor Oil Vs. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

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Castor Oil Vs. Jamaican Black Castor Oil


I read an article this morning about the difference between Castor Oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I found it to be very interesting because I had a few misconceptions about both products.

Take a read here and let me know your thoughts below

(source: Black Girl Long Hair)

DIY Homemade Protein Treatment

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For all the kitchenista’s* out there, this is for you!

Looking to revitalize your strands with a protein treatment? Do it from the comfort of your home. Check out  My Natural Sistas‘s video below and subscribe to the channel for more tips on hair care.





*Kitchenista (The 5 Hair Archetypes)

What’s Good Hair???

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I never had a reason to explain my hair. I don’t care to, until this month and more importantly this weekend.

I never had a reason to explain my hair. I didn’t see the need to until this month and more importantly this weekend. I started my natural hair journey over a year ago. I had no idea what I was going to do with my hair. I knew I wouldn’t be the type to do the Big Chop and rock my fro but I was ready to get back to the basics. What ignited my natural hair journey was the harsh amount of the chemicals used on my hair causing it to break at a rate that was unbelievable. In other words, my hair was falling out. I was met one morning with a section of my hair missing, near the center. Before panicking I tried to cover it up by combing over sections of my hair. I then went and took tests to rule our illness, disease etc. At the end of the day, my hair could not handle a perm and being colour treated.

Over a year a later, I’m wearing my natural hair and I’m proud of it. I never understood the pressure or negative comments natural sistas got until I was met with it yesterday. My hair, is my hair. Your comments are your comments and they should then stay right there….WITH YOU. The old saying, think before your speak applies in this situation. After neglecting my hair over two days, to make sure it stayed straight over the thanksgiving weekend to accommodate company, I extended my wash day until today. Damn…my hair feels good and great. With all its kinks and curls. And no, I didn’t have to break a comb off in my head. Good hair is HEALTHY hair!

My big brother nearly made me cry the other day. I was walking around the house with my silk scarf on trying to cover up the fact tomorrow would be a wash day and he told me, I don’t have to cover up my plats or twists to accommodate him. Free up!

I never felt more appreciated!

This in no way means that people who make these comments are bad people or mean people. I’m simply voicing my concerns and opinion about your language when it comes to MY hair. I chose to blog about it because I needed an outlet that wouldn’t judge me. This might be my only rant about HEALTHY hair or I might make this habit. Who knows…

To all my natural women out there, tek yuh forward! 

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