5 Food Items To Help You Achieve Healthy Long Hair – Locs

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Great article in The COCO Magazine this week for my natauralistas! Check it out!

5 Food Items To Help You Achieve Healthy Long Hair – Locs.


Wash Day Regimen

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I decided to push my wash day up by a day because I had my hair straightened last week and couldn’t handle the effects of that. I saw increased shedding and I knew I needed get rid of this heat! 


I usually pre-poo with coconut oil overnight, however due to the excess shedding I used my oil blend for increased moisture. I also use my oil blend as my sealing oil after moisturizing. My oil blend includes: Coconut Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, JoJoba Oil, Apricot Oil and Shea Cocoa Oil for a great scent.


In the morning, I added one of my favorite conditioners, Japanese Peppermint & Lemongrass with Organic Argan oil TASHODI Conditioner  to my pre-poo for extra moisture. It’s really creamy and absorbed into my dry shedding hair nicely! I came across this product at Marshall’s and decided to try it. I don’t need a lot of this product to get the job done and it smells amazing. 


I don’t shampoo, I think my hair is too thin and too fragile to go through that step. I’m trying to focus on moisture. I’m not very big on hair typing but for those who are, I’m 4C with low porosity. So, I need products enriched with great oils, that are creamy and have lots of ‘slip’. I co-washed with Shea Moisture Argan & Raw Shea Extra Moisture Conditioner really focusing on my scalp and then working in through the rest of my hair. I was very heavy handed with this product because of my extended straightening period. I only use this product after I straighten my hair. Although many love this product for its fragrance, my mom has scent allergies, so I cannot use this product often. Once the product was in, I could immediately feel the difference in my hair. 


After straightening or heat on your natural hair a reconstructor is suggested. My hair is thin, so I should include protein into my regimen more often but I don’t, however this time, it was NEEDED. I used, Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack. I’ve used it once before, but did not see the results I did this time. I could feel the difference in my hair. IT’s creamy and has lots of slip. Some are afraid the hard brittle feeling you get from excessive protein. Once I felt my hair getting hard, I was ready to rinse it out. I didn’t want to overdue it. The pack suggests 15-20 mins, I left it in for 10 mins. 


Deep Conditioner: 

My FAVORITE deep conditioner is none other than Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Instant Repair Treatment. I don’t know what to say about this, except for…it’s just the best. My hair really responds to coconut. So, in all of my deep conditioners I add coconut oil. The combination is perfect on my hair, I couldn’t ask for a better product. It has great slip and a great light scent that my mother can handle. Once again, I started at my roots then worked the product my hair. I covered it with a plastic cap, wrapped a hot towel around it and sat with it for 2 hours.

Leave In Conditioner: 

Before I put in my leave in conditioner, I use my refresher water spray bottle mixed with my oil blend(see above for ingredients). I use this during the week to refresh my twists or bantu knots. I use it after I wash out my conditioner and towel dry my hair (yes I towel dry, however, I don’t wrap my hair in a towel, I just blot my hair with the towel to remove excess water). Because I’m so conscious of pulling out too much moisture, I follow up with my refresher spray bottle. Knot Today, is by far my favorite Leave In Conditioner. It’s perfect for when I’m doing twist outs. I do notice major shrinkage with it, however to me, that’s how I know it’s working well. I also love Giovanni’s Eco Leave-in. They are both great products. 


I make my own Shea Butter Hair Moisturizer. I include most of the oils in my oil blend into my hair moisturizer. I use more oils than shea butter to avoid the shea butter pieces and residue some women get using shea butter moisturizers. Yes, it does lock very well even though I reduce my amount of she butter. You can purchase it from my Etsy account, I ship internationally. 


That’s it. Tell me if you’ve ever used any of these products and what your thought are. What’s your regimen like? Leave your comments below. 

DIY Homemade Protein Treatment

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For all the kitchenista’s* out there, this is for you!

Looking to revitalize your strands with a protein treatment? Do it from the comfort of your home. Check out  My Natural Sistas‘s video below and subscribe to the channel for more tips on hair care.





*Kitchenista (The 5 Hair Archetypes)

What’s Good Hair???

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I never had a reason to explain my hair. I don’t care to, until this month and more importantly this weekend.

I never had a reason to explain my hair. I didn’t see the need to until this month and more importantly this weekend. I started my natural hair journey over a year ago. I had no idea what I was going to do with my hair. I knew I wouldn’t be the type to do the Big Chop and rock my fro but I was ready to get back to the basics. What ignited my natural hair journey was the harsh amount of the chemicals used on my hair causing it to break at a rate that was unbelievable. In other words, my hair was falling out. I was met one morning with a section of my hair missing, near the center. Before panicking I tried to cover it up by combing over sections of my hair. I then went and took tests to rule our illness, disease etc. At the end of the day, my hair could not handle a perm and being colour treated.

Over a year a later, I’m wearing my natural hair and I’m proud of it. I never understood the pressure or negative comments natural sistas got until I was met with it yesterday. My hair, is my hair. Your comments are your comments and they should then stay right there….WITH YOU. The old saying, think before your speak applies in this situation. After neglecting my hair over two days, to make sure it stayed straight over the thanksgiving weekend to accommodate company, I extended my wash day until today. Damn…my hair feels good and great. With all its kinks and curls. And no, I didn’t have to break a comb off in my head. Good hair is HEALTHY hair!

My big brother nearly made me cry the other day. I was walking around the house with my silk scarf on trying to cover up the fact tomorrow would be a wash day and he told me, I don’t have to cover up my plats or twists to accommodate him. Free up!

I never felt more appreciated!

This in no way means that people who make these comments are bad people or mean people. I’m simply voicing my concerns and opinion about your language when it comes to MY hair. I chose to blog about it because I needed an outlet that wouldn’t judge me. This might be my only rant about HEALTHY hair or I might make this habit. Who knows…

To all my natural women out there, tek yuh forward! 

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