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The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 11

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11)   Your worst/funniest/most embarrassing date

I haven’t dated much. But I can say that I have had a very awkward date once.

He came to pick me up and had all these plans, unfortunately on his way to my house, he lost the reservations for dinner due to an intimate party the restaurant neglected to inform him about. Or so he says….So I decided to arrange the date myself. I called a friend who worked at a restaurant on a busy Saturday night, she pushed us to the front of the line and got us seats in under 10 minutes. She gave us a discount on the meal and a free dessert. Maybe it emasculated him as I had to maneuver the date myself….who knows. But after that his interests dwindled. During dinner they turned on the TVs in the restaurant, well…so much for my sexy tight sweater dress. He barely could take his eyes of the tele. I sat there and ate my dinner while texting who knows who! After that he dropped me home and I never heard from him since. 

Grown ass man like him had a nose ring anyways…not my thing.

Very weird, but hey…it could have been me. Nah, I’m great!